ISOLATION – Chapter 3

One fundamental thing for the inhabitants on the island is to create moments of leisure that reveal a glimpse of some kind of admiration for the external world. Absurdly enough, animals live in complete freedom whilst people create fenced corners of the world where they can live in safety. Their houses are warm, cozy, and vibrant, in contrast with the cold and hostile climate outside.

Their skin absorbs everything that surrounds them, sometimes reminding them of ice, other times familiar objects in their daily life. Their days are filled with simple things, the key to a peaceful life, disregarding the remoteness of city life or political problems. Time seems to move slower here and everyone takes their own time to dedicate to things they love: recreating a theatre or a swing within familiar walls or building their home with pride and dedication. Daily moments are the centerpiece of the project, combined with situations that our Western – or so-called Western – world would deem absurd. On the Olkhon island, what is for us absurd is conceived by them as a way to express your freedom, everything is imagination and something can only happen if imagined first.

In this project, the Olkhon island thus becomes the medium between the idea of the absurd and the state of isolation, through the vision of a daily human and natural reality with a focus on the objects that people create in it.