About Trees

“About Trees” is a research project about identity, roots, origins, which uses trees as means of expression.Using out-of-focus framing, few colours and often shots on the go, Alessandro Scattolini collects images of trees that have been crossed his path in Uganda, Italy and Sweden.

“About Trees” goal is to uproot the idea of stillness of trees (them, in turn, symbols of a whole life, but at the same time symbols of stillness) through speed, travelling, motion, embedded in every shot of this collection.Because roots, our origins, are the same everywhere, in Africa, Italy or Sweden, or any other place, but we don’t have to let them keep us stuck in a place, stopping our mane (the future of the tree) to grow with new flowers and pollen.

Travel as a mean of updating our past,  the speed of trees, uprooted from the roots to feel home even being away from home, but especially the little sincerity given by velocity, which blends too many details together but it sometimes makes the message clearer and deeper,precisely because it gets rid of redundant details.